Artist Statement / BIO / CV

Jessica Sallay-Carrington

Artist Statement:

Jessica Sallay-Carrington’s work focuses on the representation of gender, sexuality and feminism in modern society. Her work showcases her lifestyle as a pansexual, polyamorous, non-binary/female artist exploring life’s sexual discoveries with excitement and confidence. Through ceramic sculptures she questions gender expectation and stereotype and how they influence personal identities. The animalistic qualities of the figures speak for the subconscious parts of human action, blurring the line between human and animal. With her sculptures Jessica fights for gender equality and aims to develop a revaluation of what defines ‘feminine’ in contemporary society.


Jessica Sallay-Carrington is a Vancouver, BC born artist who moved to Montreal, Quebec where she received her BFA in ceramics at Concordia University in 2014.  Upon completing her undergrad Jessica continues to produce work in her studio and actively pursues artistic travel opportunities. Attending residencies has brought her to Greece, Italy, Denmark and multiple locations around Canada and USA. Jessica has been a part of many exhibitions North America as well as a couple in Europe. Her inspirations derive people who work for gender equality and women who show what it means to “fight like a girl.”

CV:  | Montreal, QC 


2011-2014– Concordia University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Montreal, QC

2009-2011– Emily Carr University of Art & Design (BFA year 1&2), Vancouver, BC

Solo Exhibitions:

2016– Jessica Sallay-Carrington, Gallerie Luz, Montreal, QC

2015– Rammits Revealed: Sexplorations in Parrsboro. Main & Station, Parrsboro, NS

2014– Faunacloset, Mouseprint Gallery, Montreal, QC

Group Exhibitions:

2018–Nuit Rose: Toronto’s Queer Arts Festival, Artscape Youngspace, Toronto, Canada

2018–  FestiVulve- Festival Celebrating Vulvas, Loft Hotel, Montreal, Canada

2018– The Rose Festival: Montreal’s Queer Arts Festival , Mainline Gallery, Montreal,                         Canada

2018– Top 60™ Masters of Contemporary Art, Rio Gallery III, New York City, USA

2018– FoodModesty, Fresh Paint Studio & Cafe, Toronto, Canada (juried)

2018– Mirror: Articule’s 2018 Members Show, Articule Gallery, Montreal, Canada (juried)

2018– The Nude: Brutal Beauty, (juried) Lexington Art League, Lexington, USA (juried)

2017– Celebration of Femme Artists & Intersectionality, Pop-up Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2017– Galerie Fringe – Édition Festival, MAI, Montreal, Canada

2016– Artist in Residence Exhibition, C.R.E.T.A. Rome Gallery, Rome, Italy

2016–Centerfold VII, 4089 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada (juried)

2016– The Color of Desire, Loft 314, Montreal,Canada

2015– Luna Light, 7250 Clark Gallery, Montreal,Canada

2015–Salt Spring National Art Prize (juried), Mahon Hall, Salt Spring Island,Canada (juried)

2015– Real People, Old Courthouse Art Center, Woodstock, USA (juried)

2015–Artists of Mosaika, Mosaikashop, Montreal,Canada

2014–Spring into Summer, Montreal Arts Centre, Montreal,Canada

2014–Fringe Festival,  Galerie Fringe, Montreal,Canada

2014–HEARTH, Station 16 Gallery, Montreal,Canada (juried)

2014– One Night Stand, VAV Gallery, Montreal,Canada (juried)

2013– Holiday RAWk (Presented by RAW: Natural Born Artists), La Mouche, Montreal,Canada

2013–The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Mouse Print Gallery, Montreal,Canada (juried)

2013Suzy Birstein Ceramic Exhibition, Skopelos Foundation for the Arts, Skopelos, Greece

2013La Spiritualité Cosmique, une Expérience  d’Interdépendance, L’Ermitage Sainte-Croix, Pierrefonds,Canada

2013Exploration, Usine 106u Gallery, Montreal,Canada

2013– Still Standing Ceramics Show, Entree Des Artists Gallery, Montreal,Canada (juried)

2013— Menagerie for Hair and Wood, Art Matters Festival, Montreal, Canada (juried)

2012— You’re Fired Ceramics Show, Lillian Rodriguez Gallery, Montreal,Canada (juried)

2012— In the Details, Webster Library Concordia University, Montreal,Canada

2010–Emily Carr University Annual Art Sale, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver,Canada

2009-2012– Byng Arts Annual Community Show, Lord Byng Secondary School, Vancouver,Canada

Teaching Experience:

2016– Press-Mold Pottery Workshop, Main & Station, Parrsboro, Canada

2015 & 2016– Hollow Solids Workshop, Main & Station, Parrsboro, Canada

2015– Epic Mugs Workshop, Main & Station, Parrsboro, Canada

Residencies and Art Related Experiences:

2014-Present– Ceramicist/Glaze Technician, Mosaika Art & Design, Montreal, Canada

2017– Artist in Residence, Tolne Gjæstgivergaard, Tolne, Denmark

2016– Artist in Residence, C.R.E.T.A Rome, Rome, Italy

2016–Artist in Residence, Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, Newcastle, USA

2016– Member of La Centrale Powerhouse Galerie, Montreal, Canada

2016– Jury position for CCSA ceramic exhibitions at Art Gang and VAV Gallery, Montreal,Canada

2015 & 2016– Artist in Residence, Main & Station Nonesuch Kickshaw, Parrsboro, Canada

2014–Torpedo Factory Visiting Artist Program, Torpedo Factory Art center, Alexandria, USA

2013-2014– President of CCSA (Concordia’s Ceramics Student Association), Montreal,Canada

2013– Suzy Birstein Ceramic Workshop, Skopelos Foundation for the Arts, Skopelos, Greece

2013– Co-organizer of Still Standing Ceramics Show at Studio#427 at the Belgo and Entree Des Artists Gallery, Montreal,Canada

2012- 2013– Ceramics Student Technician at Concordia University, Montreal,Canada


2018– Pansexual, Polyamorous and Posthuman: Jessica Sallay-Carrington’s Sculptures are                 Smashing Stigmas, CBC Arts Interview, Lise Hosein, Montreal, Canada

2018– Top 60™ Masters of Contemporary Art 2017, ArtTour International Magazine, New                 York, USA

2018– 1340 ART Magazine Q1 // 2018. Dec. 29th 2017. Amsterdam, Netherlands

2017– My Secrets: Sexplorations and Other European Adventures. Jessica Sallay-                                   Carrington, self published,  Montreal, Canada

2017– La Céramique au Service de l’Art, Lez Spread the Word Magazine. Delphine Cézard.

             Online Magazine, Montreal, Canada

2017– Interview with Jessica Sallay-Carrington, Ineffable Magazine. Hayley Evans, 

             Online Magazine, Montreal, Canada

2017– Radical Decadence: Excess in Contemporary Feminist Textiles and Craft, Bloomsbury Publications, March 2017, Montreal,Canada

2016–In The New//Centerfold Montreal, Decompoz Magazine, Apr. 1st 2016 Blog, Montreal,Canada

2016– Artist Biographies, Graphite Publications, 2016 Issue, Montreal,Canada

2014– Swamp Rabbits and Earth, Headlight Anthology, 2014 Issue, Montreal,Canada

2013–Fat Rabbit in All Her Glory, Yiara Magazine, Montreal,Canada

Honors and Awards:

2018– ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art Award, ArtTour International                            Magazine

2016– Research, Creation and Exploration Grant, Conceil des arts et des Lettres du                          Quebec

2016– Nonesuch Fellowship for Ceramics, Sculpture, and Stonework, Main & Station

2013– Golden Key International Honour Society

2009– Emily Carr Scholarship, Lord Byng Secondary School Art Dept

2009– Lord Byng 3D Art Award, Lord Byng Secondary School Art Dept

2009— Brenda Carr Art Scholarship Lord Byng Secondary School Art Dept


Kuterevo Utočiste Medvjeda, Kuterevo, Croatia

Tolne Gjæstgivergaard Ceramic Residency, Tolne, Denmark

C.R.E.T.A. Rome Ceramic Residency, Rome, Italy

Main& Station Arts Center, Parrsboro,Canada

Concordia University Ceramics Teaching Collection, Montreal,Canada

Various Private Collections, Vancouver, BC & Montreal,Canada

Sporades Islands Center for Sustainable Life, Glossa Skopelos, Greece

Strategies for Wealth Building Portsmouth, USA


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