*RAFFLE* win this sculpture

Keep reading for details on how to win this piece!


In celebration of the fact I am moving my home/studio AGAIN, I’m having a raffle! This ceramic sculpture needs a new home! enter this raffle until May 31st!

To buy tickets you can buy from me in person if you live in Montreal, or etransfer (jessica.s.creatures@gmail.com). And email me this info:

-your name  +  phone number  + # of tickets you wish to buy

I will write your name on how ever many tickets you buy and add them to the pot. On May 31st I will draw a name, and I’ll film it and post it on instagram! @jessica.s.creatures

1 ticket= $3

2 tickets= $5

3 tickets= $8

5 tickets= $13

12 tickets= $25

30 tickets= $50

70 tickets=$100

shipping concerns: If you win and live in Montreal, BONUS so do I!  I travel to Toronto often so arranging transport to that city will be easy.  If you live anywhere else you will have to pay for shipping of the artwork. The whole piece is 20″ x 15″ x 14.”  It is 20″ tall (from foot to ear tip), but resting on a shelf it sits 12″ high on the shelf, and hangs down 8″ under the shelf. Also its glued to a white piece of wood for support that is 10″ wide by 12″ deep.

In it’s travels this lovely creature has acquired a few wounds. There is a crack on the ear and one on the foot. All fixed up with the best glue, only small fracture line is visible, but just so you are aware of it.




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